I am Sam Tsai

我是山姆,一個寫了十幾年程式,還在努力的中年大叔。2001 年入行,接觸的第一個程式語言是 C++,直到今天她還是我最重要的武器、好夥伴。2014 年離開待了十二年的公司,跟夥伴一起創業,那年我三十六歲。

My name is Sam Tsai. Living in Taiwan, I write code. I co-founded I³D Technology Inc., a software company based in Taiwan. We provide great services by writing code and making customized software for companies worldwide.

I love sharing things and do software engineering stuff. C++ is the primary language. I am Taiwanese. I can speak Chinese and English.


To you, it's magic. To me, it's practice.
This is not a PC. There is no shortcut.
I worked hard. Didn't see that?
Life is not a game. Life is a lot of pain.
Years went by. We are gonna die. That's not a lie.
But, I am still alive, because...
I am Sam Tsai.