參兩摘|November 24, 2014

參兩摘|November 24, 2014


Whiskey - A modern Markdown app for Mac & iOS
Mac 上永遠不嫌多的 Markdown 編輯器即將有新成員。多產的 Sam Soffes(我也是 sam)預告名為 Whiskey 的 Markdown app 即將推出,目前已有 beta 測試版還有影片展示一些功能。

The Complete Wunderlist Suite for Windows 7, 8 and Windows Phone 8
原本不打算支援 Windows 7,沒想到幹意排山倒海而來,最後只好:

You asked and we listened. Wunderlist for Windows 7 is here!

舊版 Wunderlist 2 使用 .NET 來開發,此次推出的 Wunderlist 3 則改採 node-webkit。node-webkit 何人?

node-webkit is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js. You can write native apps in HTML and JavaScript with node-webkit.

The problem with C (and its derivatives) as an OSdeving language
以今日的科技觀點,細數 C 語言(由來已久)的諸多缺點。

Personal Development

The Power of belief -- mindset and success | Eduardo Briceno[Video]
搭配這篇《Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives》服用,效果更好。

If we win because we are a winner, then when we lose it must make us a looser.
- Josh Waitzkin