JUCE Diary #2: Introjucer

為了解決每次新增專案都要面對的煩人鎖事,JUCE 提供一個工具叫 Introjucer。(我猜這是 Introduce + JUCE 的結合,頗具巧思)。


Introjucer 是所有 JUCE 專案的起手式,專案建置都靠它。主要的功能有:

  • 產生並管理主流開發 IDE(Visual Studio, Xcode, etc.)適用的專案檔
  • 產生適合翻譯的檔案
  • 使用者介面設計工具

    Introjucer 的功能看似陽春但其實相當精實,只做該做的事,其他工作如編譯原始碼,就交由各平台主流 IDE。

我很認同 JUCE 創作者的哲學:

Don't repeat yourself should be the mantra of every programmer, and the principle doesn't just apply to source-code. The main reason I wrote the Introjucer was because I got tired of repeating the same tasks when setting up and working with cross-platform projects.

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