The time between first and last cigarette I consumed is about ten years. Almost thirteen years ago, I quitted smoking. Since then, I never look back. Heck, now I cannot stand next to the who smoking for longer than 30 seconds. And you should never ever try to put cigarette into your mouth while we are in the same room, or car.

"Why quit?" You ask. Well, it's all about health, not mine, but hers. In 2003, I married to a women who does not smoke and hate the smelling when fire on that thing. One day, two weeks after wedding, before midnight, the thought of QUIT SMOKING comes to my mind, again.

I told my wife the next day that I decided to quit that damn thing. She said something like "Good, but I don't think you would succeed." Can't blame her since that was not the first or second times I gave the joke.

I announced it to more people–colleagues, friends and even my boss, who told me that there was only one person that he knew to quit smoking successfully. One year later, there are two.

No doubt. Quit a habit you've been practice for years can't be easy. It's hard but not impossible. And hey! I did it and you certainly can.

"Is it worth the pain?" HELL YEAH!

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