[137] Sometimes, You just have to let go...

[137] Sometimes, You just have to let go...

Hi xx,

We cannot commit to the given schedule, below is why.

Like OO mentioned, we have our own issue. But, let's put that aside, the schedule from XX PM is, well, not reasonable.

Before XXX came to Taiwan, we were asked to provide estimated schedule for first version. At that time, we have no idea what UI will look like, that's why we said:

UI development of the app highly depend on UI/UX design and it might take several iterations to finalize UI/UX design. After customer provide UI assets, then we need at least 1 month to implement it. (Will provide several versions)

The keyword is "at least", why? because we cannot provide "actual" schedule without evaluating UI design first. Now, from "at least 1 month" to "2? days" for GUI and functionality? I don't think anyone can reason this. That is not how Software Development works.

In fact, from Visual Design customer released (1 page Visual Design with several wireframes), we need more time, not less, to implement it.

I said to customer during a con-call this Jan, in order to meet first version requirements, they should kickoff the project and provide/approve UI last December. It is close to impossible if they don't remove features from first version and finalize UI design.

Since then, what customer did is adding more features to first version due to demand from marketing. Well, again, that is not how Software Development works. Let's review what we have for now:

  • First version requirements finalize: NO
  • UI assets to start GUI development: NO
  • FW and working sample: NO
  • FW spec.? NO
  • Target machine to work on: NO

Software development is no magic, you just can't give me nothing and ask for everything!