I've been using Todoist for almost 6 months. It is currently the choice of task management tool for our company.

On Windows, I used standalone desktop application for Windows for a while but ended up replacing it with web version due to some performance issue that I don't want to deal with. Since it is just a web application hosted inside a desktop application, so why not just usng the web?

My primary browser is Google Chrome and it has a wonderful feature called Application Shortcuts, whihc only support Windows and Linux (I wonder why no Mac?). With Todoist running as Chrome application shortcut, I am a happy task manager, with a tiny little annoyance: every few days the gear icon at top right corner change to green to indicate there is new version of Todoist available and click that green gear icon will update Todoist.

Todoist new version notification

It turns out this tiny little annoyance can be fixed with a tiny little trick: just remove the version part of Todoist application shortcut as shown below:

Todoist application shortcut

With that, next time I fire up my current love of task management tool, it will always be latest version!